SONITROL and Law Enforcement Had a Busy Month Securing Schools Across the Country

SONITROL takes school safety seriously and understands that protecting children and their place of learning is critically important.  Schools are increasingly vulnerable to crime and violence and are three times more likely to be burglarized than a business.  In addition, vandalism cost schools more than $1 billion a year.

Over the month of May, there have been multiple apprehensions in part thanks to SONITROL's verified alarms. The following are just a few examples of the effectiveness of SONITROL solutions and our quick communications with local law enforcement.

Richmond, VA - 3 Apprehended

There was a trespassing incident in Richmond, VA in which three individuals were caught, thanks to audio sensors and a quick call from the SONITROL operator to the police department.  Police were able to apprehend the suspects before they were able to steal or damage any property.

Orlando, FL – 6 Apprehended

In the first of two incidences in Orlando, FL, four thieves were caught and arrested for breaking into a school through a roof hatch, unknowingly setting off the alarm that lead the police straight to their location. The second incident involved two juveniles attempting to trespass but never gaining access to school, thanks to verified audio alarms and a call to local law enforcement.

Hartford, CT – 3 Apprehended

A SONITROL operator heard voices through an audio sensor at a Hartford, CT school.  Law enforcement was notified and found three juveniles trespassing on school grounds.

San Diego, CA – 3 Apprehended

In San Diego, CA three individuals were caught vandalizing a school while still inside the building. Audio sensors picked up loud banging and smashing.  Local police were called and the individuals were detained.

Memphis, TN – 4 Apprehended

Memphis, TN law enforcement was contacted when a SONITROL operator heard voices and movement through audio sensors. They were able to pinpoint which room the noises were coming from and officers were able to apprehend and arrest the four individuals involved in the school break-in.

Parents and school administrators should feel comforted when a school chooses the experts at SONITROL as their security provider.  We understand that school break-ins and other incidents can and will happen from time to time but, through the use of video intrusion surveillance, access control, alarm verification, and other security technologies, we can help stop or slow criminals down.  SONITROL provides real-time information to law enforcement to increase their safety and effectiveness when responding to incidents.  SONITROL has helped law enforcement apprehend more than 183,000 criminals to date.

We continue to invest in technology innovation to provide a safer and more secure future for our communities. We take pride in doing our part in stopping crime and protecting our clients. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of law enforcement across the country and offer our thanks to them. 

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