Management Tools

Manage your security system at any time, from anywhere with reliable, flexible SONITROL management tools.

The Challenge

Whether you own a small boutique, oversee a local elementary school or manage a nationwide chain, managing your security system can be a difficult challenge. 

Regional managers who operate retail chains need to verify the time that each of their locations were armed, as well as check the live video to verify that all new sales displays have been set up properly.

A principal of the local elementary school needs to closely manage users of their access control system, including functions such as creating new system users for recently-hired personnel, starting now or the following week. 

Whatever your security needs, a centralized, flexible management solution is necessary for both cost-effectiveness and ease of use. 

This is where SONITROL can help.


Manage your security anytime, anywhere.

mySONITROL is a web-based security management tool that is innovative, reliable and easy to manage. With a few clicks of a mouse, you will be able to find all of the information you need in one place, from virtually anywhere, anytime you need it, via a secure web browser.

Choose the Level of Access That Best Meets Your Needs

mySONITROL offers two levels of access so you can choose the features that best meet your unique needs.

mySONITROL Standard

With mySONITROL Standard, you receive:

Latest news & customer communications, including product information 

Account information
View and assign user status
Run reports
Edit contact information

View burglary or fire alarm dispatches


With mySONITROL Pro, you get all the functionality of mySONITROL Standard, plus:

Access control system management

SonaVision® video integration
Online access to live video
Video integration with our Multi-Sensors, cameras and appliances

Centralized authorization control 

Key Features

What Can I Do With mySONITROL?

  • Log in from any secure web browser and gain access to your security dashboard from anywhere
  • Run reports immediately, or schedule for when you need them
  • Manage the access permission levels of every employee
  • View live, archived and associated video by event
  • Integrate to the SONITROL Mobile App 
  • View and manage all of your locations from a single login via the web


Control at your fingertips.

The SONITROL Mobile App is an effective, efficient and accessible tool that enables you to control your Sonitrol security system(s) from a mobile device.

Key Features

What Can I Do With the SONITROL Mobile App?

  • Search for your facilities via map or text
  • Manage system arming status (requires IP or cellular communication) 
  • View and filter historical events
  • Manage system users
  • View live and record video
  • Use the mobile app as a keypad with the TotalGuard™ solution 
  • Bypass alarm violations with the TotalGuard solution
  • Use a virtual panic button during an emergency 
  • Institute global lockdown



Get Started With SONITROL Management Tools

Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing system, get started with SONITROL today for cutting-edge security, when and where you need it most.