Cannabis Facilities

As the cannabis industry grows, SONITROL is growing and adapting with it to provide best-in-class security systems to your facility.

Best-In-Class Solutions to Keep Your Business Growing

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, the security of your cannabis business grows more and more important. Whether you’re a dispensary, testing lab, secure transport, processing facility or grow facility, you face a unique set of challenges not found in many other industries. 

Fortunately, SONITROL understands the importance and uniqueness of your business as to coverage, requirements and inspections and will work with you on providing the security you need. 

SONITROL has you covered with the best-in-class cannabis security systems that not only give you peace of mind but will meet your state’s law requirements to keep your business up and running. SONITROL provides integrated and comprehensive cannabis security solutions for many businesses in the cannabis industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to our verified audio and SonaVision™ video solutions, which provides 100% verification, we also provide access control, fire detection and all-around robust security backed by an industry-leading guarantee to protect your high-value products.

Challenges Faced by the Cannabis Industry

    High-Value Product

    Large Amounts of Cash

    State Regulations & Requirements

    Internal & External Theft

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      The Advantages of Working With SONITROL

      • Unique and patented security technology with the highest documented rate of apprehension in the industry
      • Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS)
      • Full integration of your video system with your alarm, access control, and fire system
      • Access all facility systems with the Sonitrol Mobile App
      • IP Video Servers (Cloud or NVR)
      • Best-in-class video technology, including thermal detection
      • Keep better track of inventory through the use of POS analytics
      • Dedicated and passionate about the protection of the cannabis industry in every state
      • Award-winning customer service

      Why Partner With SONITROL?

      Protect Your Facility Today

      Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing system, get started with SONITROL today for cutting-edge security, when and where you need it most.