SONITROL’s all-in-one solution, TotalGuard™ provides full volumetric and video intrusion coverage for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The Challenge for Business Owners

As a small- or medium-sized business owner, your business is always at the forefront of your mind - its finances, its operations and, ultimately, its protection. From break-ins to internal theft, unverified alarms to employee safety, businesses face a range of security challenges that need to be addressed. 

False Alarms

False alarms can be costly - to you, to your business and to the community. A false alarm not only can divert police time and resources from other emergencies, but can also cost you and your business in false alarms fees. Additionally, many cities now require a form of security verification in order to dispatch police and emergency services.

Increased Police Response Times

On average, police arrive on the scene of a traditional, non-verified alarm within 45 minutes. By the time they arrive, an intruder could have already caused significant damage and fled the scene. In fact, apprehension rates for traditional alarms are so low (less than 1%)* that there’s typically a low probability of you recovering any business losses.

*National Academy Associate Magazine of the FBI

Average Response Times**


minutes when called by SONITROL Verified Response


minutes by a private security guard


minutes by police when the alarm is non-verified

**Source: Salt Lake City Police Department 

The TotalGuard™ standalone IoT panel has all-in-one and edge-based features that allow you to view your business at any time. TotalGuard™ is an affordable solution that provides several benefits, including full volumetric intrusion coverage, high video image quality, digital zooming, edge-based recording options, motion detection, digital alarm generation, remote accessibility with the SONITROL Mobile App, and wireless connectivity with cellular backup. Maximize your investment with TotalGuard™, as no other product on the market can match the combination of built-in features, ease of professional installation, and cost.

Key Features

What’s Included in TotalGuard™

24/7 monitoring by professionals 

Audio & Video Intrusion Detection

Motion detection 

Video Surveillance

Managed with the SONITROL Mobile App

Up to $15,000 performance warranty (may vary by location)


Why Choose TotalGuard™?

Audio and video intrusion verification

Full volumetric coverage

Convenient arm/disarm with the SONITROL mobile app  

High video image quality 
Digital zooming and edge-based recording options


Easy to install 

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