Benefits of Managed Access Control

There has always been a need to protect valuables, so it’s no wonder that locks have existed for thousands of years. In the last 100 years, protecting valuables has grown from locks and keys, into what is commonly referred to as electronic access control. Fast forward to today, access control has evolved into much more than locks and credentials to grant entry. Access control comes in all sizes – from single-door single-site locations to multi-site businesses with global footprints and everything in between. This type of solution is a critical component in a larger ecosystem when it comes to life safety and protection of property and is integrated with fire detection, video surveillance, elevator control, building management, global lockdown, and more.

The benefits of managed access control start with peace of mind but go well beyond. A managed access control solution can provide the 24-hour, 7-day ability to effect change, no matter where you are or if you have internet access, as well as the certainty that your critical data is stored off-site, protected, and backed up. Access to reporting is never at risk and the ability to leverage trained professionals to administer changes when adding and deleting credentials or adjusting door unlock times or levels of access can be critical to the security of your estate. The certainty that an alarm, trouble, or other failure is being monitored and appropriately responded to provides additional peace of mind and security, leaving you to focus on other more valuable tasks. Knowing your mobile applications or online access will be there for you when needed without the responsibility of managing and programming the solution, adds real value to a managed access system that can make all the difference when time is critical, and resources are scarce.