Construction Sites

SONITROL provides security solutions for construction projects, helping reduce the risk of break-ins, fires, accidents, vandalism and other threats. 

Building a Better Security System

Whether you’re starting from the ground up or renovating an existing building, each construction project you undertake requires an immense amount of planning, materials and time - which is why protecting your site is so important. Construction sites are vulnerable to a number of threats both in- and outside, including break-ins, vandalism, equipment damage, fire and more. 

Luckily, SONITROL is here to help. SONITROL provides integrated security solutions for construction sites nationwide. We have a program specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of new buildings and old renovations. With SONITROL, you can implement technology and services that are not available anywhere else, built around our proprietary verified audio & video detection process and backed by a team of installation, service and monitoring professionals.

Challenges Faced by Construction Sites

Equipment Damage




Employee Injury


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