Copper Theft

A Proactive Approach to Copper Theft

The rising value of copper and other raw materials – due to the worldwide construction boom – has changed the way criminals think. Oh sure, they're still hard at work after their traditional targets but now are increasingly going after copper wherever it exists: air conditioning units, plumbing, utilities, rail stations, etc.

SONITROL has copper theft protection solutions to help protect your assets. SONITROL verified video intrusion solution provides perimeter protection for your facility. If someone enters the secured zone, an alarm is sent back to SONITROL Monitoring Station. The operator views the video and then dispatches police as a verified burglary in progress. Why wait until the next day to view your video hoping to recognize a face? The proactive approach to security allows SONITROL and the police to take action within minutes.

SONITROL also provides copper theft solutions placed directly on your assets. If a cover is jostled or removed from your AC unit, for instance, the SONITROL alarm will automatically be tripped sending a signal back to our Monitoring Station. We can then tell the police exactly where the attempted theft is occurring.

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