Access Control

Protect your people and property - and minimize business loss - with an integrated access control system.

The Challenge 

Unauthorized, unrestricted access to your business opens the door to a variety of security issues, including internal theft and external threats.

Internal Theft

Unfortunately, internal theft can be an all too common issue when it comes to business security. Tracking and controlling access within your facility can not only help eliminate employee theft of physical property, but your intellectual property as well. 

External Threats

Unauthorized intruders pose a threat to both your business and your employees. Whether it’s an attempted robbery after business hours or a violent incident, external threats can be minimized by restricting access to your business. 

Cost-Effective Security That Limits Your Exposure

When you choose a SONITROL access control system, you receive a cost-effective security solution that limits your exposure to both internal and external threats.

Our team of experts will replace your existing mechanical locks and keys with electronic locks, badges or cards, and readers. You have two options when it comes to managing your system: Managed Access Control or Cloud Access Control.

The Technology

Manage your employee's access to certain doors, see who goes where, add and remove users, and more with mySONITROL - the online security management platform. SONITROL offers a wide variety of card readers and credentials based on your business needs, including bluetooth credentials via your mobile device.

A History of Managed Access Control

In 1990, SONITROL was the first security company to offer “Integrated Intrusion and Central Station Managed Access Control” as a service - and we’ve been leading the industry ever since. Managed Access as a service is just as important today as it was over three decades ago, and some will say even it has even greater potential in today’s market.

Key Features

The Key Features of Central Station Managed Access Include:

  • SONIP Central Station-managed access control
  • Integrated audio intrusion
  • Fire communicator
  • Elevator control
  • Doors status via keypad
  • Lockdown/unlock from the Central Station, onsite or mobile app
  • Video Surveillance Integration
  • Automatic door locking with mobile & bluetooth credentials
  • Already up-to-date software

Cloud Access Control

SONITROL Cloud Access delivers broad access control capabilities within a simple, intuitive, browser-based interface to conveniently secure and manage user location(s). This cloud-based solution makes access control practical and affordable for any user, regardless of technical experience or business size. You can easily view, monitor and report on any or all events and alarms, define multiple security roles and access privileges for individual users.

Key Features

The Key Features of SONITROL Cloud Access Include:

  • User-managed access control via the Cloud
  • Integrated badging (coming soon)
  • Live muster reporting
  • Automatic door locking with mobile & bluetooth credentials
  • Global lockdown across multiple sites
  • Powered via PoE
  • Can be expanded to an enterprise-level system - with no limit to the number of doors or card holders
  • Video Surveillance Integration

Which System is Right for My Business?

A SONITROL intrusion system is the main factor in deciding which access control solution is right for you and your business

If you’re looking to add access control to a system that already includes verified audio and video intrusion detection, then integrating managed access into your already existing system is your best fit from both a cost and features perspective. 

If you’re looking for a small, 1-2 door access control system only - without intrusion detection - then SONITROL Cloud Access is the best solution for both cost-efficiency and ease of installation. 

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Why Choose Access Control?

  • Track and restrict who goes where
  • Eliminate the expense of rekeying or changing locks
  • Minimize the risk of false alarms set off by employees
  • Reduce the need for on-site security personnel by automatically regulating access
  • Decrease your liability and business loss due to theft
  • Lock down your facility in the case of an emergency 

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