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SONITROL provides integrated security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of faith-based and other non-profit organizations for fires, vandalism, break-ins, and more.

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Religious institutions can be at the center of our communities. They not only provide a place of worship, they also serve as gathering places and do a tremendous good for the community you serve. However, it’s no secret that religious institutions have been targets for burglaries, fires and horrific active shooter incidents. 

SONITROL offers a complete, integrated program to secure your members, staff, clergy and valuable assets such as computer equipment, cameras and cash. In addition to intrusion alarms, we offer technology to restrict unauthorized access, camera monitoring of vulnerable areas such as childcare rooms, fire detection, and professional monitoring 24/7. Using our proprietary technology—verified audio & video detection—our trained professionals can actually hear an intrusion attempt as it occurs. This unique technology actually reduces false alarms and increases the apprehension of thieves and vandals.

Challenges Faced by Religious Institutions




Unauthorized Access

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Key Stats

Security Challenges in Religious Institutions


Arsons, internal theft and property crimes against churches result in over $1 million in losses each year

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