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Protecting What Matters

SONITROL offers cutting-edge security, when and where you need it most. Each of our modular, scalable solutions fits the unique needs of every industry, organization, and facility we serve.

Documented Apprehensions Since 1977
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SONITROL Verified Response

Is Your Security System Enough?

Is Your Security System Enough?

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A Better, Verified Solution

SONITROL has the quickest alarm verification, the fastest police response times, the lowest false alarm rates, and the best apprehension rate, over 187,000 and counting, in the security industry.

Innovative Technology

Our advanced, impact-activated audio detection trigger alerts faster than conventional alarms, and help increase the chances of apprehension. Enhance your entire system by easily integrating audio intrusion, video verification, fire monitoring and access control solutions to help cover your entire business with greater accuracy.

Comprehensive Coverage

Unlike most conventional alarms, which only provide limited detection, SONITROL security systems offer wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, volumetric coverage to meet sophisticated threats.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring

SONITROL personnel monitor fewer alarms per operator (80% fewer than the national average) leading to quicker response times. Our security systems include many specific alarm types, giving us the ability to provide police with more complete, real-time information from the time of the alert through the apprehension.

Better Results

Our reputation for low false alarms and verified reporting leads to a quicker police response when a SONITROL alarm comes in. In fact, police respond to SONITROL alarms 400% faster, and more than 20% of our apprehensions occur before the criminal gains entry.


Founded by a police officer, our close partnership with law enforcement goes back 60 years - which is why our SONITROL Gives Back program is dedicated to supporting our local law enforcement and schools. From donating to police training equipment to school supplies, SONITROL dealers make giving back a top priority.

Supporting law enforcement for over 60 years

Helping secure schools in need

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