From donating to police training equipment to school supplies, SONITROL dealers make giving back a top priority.

Giving Back to Our Community 

Our SONITROL Gives Back program is dedicated to supporting local law enforcement and schools. From donating police K-9's, police training equipment, school supplies, school security equipment and much more, SONITROL dealers make it a top priority to give back to our communities.

A Close Partnership with Law Enforcement 

Founded by a police officer, our close partnership with law enforcement goes back 55 years. Our history of supporting - and being supported by - the police drives our continued partnership through SONITROL Gives Back. Our program provides our SONITROL dealers with the tools to thank officers for their trust in SONITROL verified intrusion technology. Over the years, SONITROL has donated training equipment, police K-9s, and even a police horse!

Meet the K-9s of SONITROL

Meet the K-9s donated to local police departments by SONITROL dealers! 

K-9 officer Sully of the Chattanooga Police Department
On September 13, 2019, SONITROL Corporate donated K-9 officer Sully to the Chattanooga, TN Police Department.
K-9 Sonitrol interacts with Memphis police officers
On behalf of Shelby County Schools, SONITROL Corporate donated K-9 Sonitrol to the Memphis, TN Police Department.
K-9 Max waits outside building
Through the Matt Haverkamp Foundation, SONITROL of Southwest Ohio helped donate narcotics K-9 officer Max to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.
K-9 Sonitrol at Indianapolis police department
A popular name! SONITROL of Indianapolis donated K-9 Sonitrol to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on May 3, 2019.
K-9 Diezel sits on hood of police car
SONITROL of New England helped protect Diezel, a K-9 officer of the Middletown, CT Police by donating bulletproof canine body armor.
K-9 Rexo runs toward the camera
Rexo is a Strike Force, Drug K-9 contributed from SONITROL of Southwest Ohio to the Northern Kentucky Police Department.
K-9 Bandit sits next to wooden staircase
SONITROL of Louisville owner, Ken Krapf, donated Bandit to the Louisville Metro Police Canine Unit.
Mounted Patrol policeman rides Sonitrol horse
Not a K-9, but a police horse! SONITROL of Louisville owner Ken Krapf made another donation and helped donate a horse to the LMPD Mounted Patrol.
K-9 Doc sits in front of police banner
Donated by SONITROL of Evansville, Doc serves on the Evansville Police Department.
Sonitrol K-9 sits beside row of police officers at podium
Another namesake! Donated by SONITROL Great Lakes, Sonitrol serves on the Flint Police Department as a drug K-9 officer.
K-9 Raji sits on grass beside handler's legs
Another great addition to the Evansville Police Department, Raji was donated by SONITROL of Evansville.
K-9 Dennis sits beside police officer and others
Named after late SONITROL owner, Dennis Hickey, Dennis was donated to the Bridgeport Police Department by SONITROL Security Systems of Bridgeport.

Supporting - and Protecting - Our Schools

Nothing is more important than protecting our children. That's why we make it a top priority to help secure schools in need and give back to those who are less fortunate. Whether it’s participating in local Pack-a-Bag drives, or donating security equipment and school supplies to the schools in our communities, SONITROL Safe Schools continuously works to help keep our schools supported - and safe. 

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