Whether you're a doctor's office, a hospital, or a health care organization, SONITROL is uniquely positioned to meet your healthcare security system needs.

Prescribing Security Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

As the protectors of our sick and vulnerable, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities must have efficient, reliable security systems. High public traffic, inventories of opioids and other drugs and even baby-napping - along with stringent HIPAA guidelines - make security even more critical. 

Access Control: Regulate Who Goes Where and When 

Our integrated solutions help healthcare facilities comply with HIPAA regulations and protect their property, assets, employees and patients - and an access control system is at the center of success. 

SONITROL's healthcare security system and access control solutions let you track movement throughout your facility and restrict access to sensitive areas, such as the pharmacy and patient records. We'll replace your existing mechanical locks and keys with electronic locks, badges or cards and readers. Our access control technology integrates with our audio & video intrusion alarm and video surveillance to record the event that triggered the alarm. In the meantime, our trained professional operators listen in, verify the event, and dispatch police. 

Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry

Internal & External Theft

Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas


HIPAA Regulations

Violence Against Staff 

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Key Stats

Security Challenges in Healthcare


There are approximately 7,134 pharmacy thefts per year*

*Source: DEA

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