Apprehension at Syracuse, NY Warehouse

One recent Saturday night, a Sonitrol operator received an overhead door alarm followed by an audio alarm indicating sounds of movement inside a warehouse in a town outside of Syracuse, NY. One minute later, a long-range passive infrared sensor (PIR) was also activated.  The operator acted quickly by contacting both the Colonie Police Department and the site manager explaining that he had a verified alarm. Police quickly arrived on the scene, confirmed a break-in was in progress and apprehended the suspect.

Traditional types of electronic security systems are limited by the size and layout of a warehouse or distribution center. Even with multiple motion sensors to protect each door, aisle, or row of goods, vulnerabilities still exist in the ceilings and walls—increasingly popular entry points for would-be thieves. Using our unique verified audio detection technology, strategically placed audio sensors provide floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage—ideal for distribution centers of any size. Sonitrol has solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of warehouses and distribution centers. Using our patented audio detection process, dispatches for false alarms are reduced and criminal apprehensions are increased.