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Non-Profit Break in - Salvation Army

Listen as a Sonitrol Central Station operator follows procedures in this actual recording of a silent audio alarm activation at the Salvation Army. The operator informs the police dispatcher and notifies the customer contact on what is transpiring in the facility.

Churches & Religious Institutions

Public Library Break in - Leaking Water Detection

Imagine volumes of media and priceless books from a library being damaged by water. It could have happened if it wasn't for the Sonitrol operator who received an alarm activation triggered by sounds of water running from the secured and unoccupied building.

Government Buildings

Manufacturing Break in - Towaco Manufacturing

A break-in took place through a window at Towaco Manufacturing. Sonitrol verified the audio signal and immediately contacted the police dispatcher.

Construction Sites

School Break-In and Vandalism

Mischievous youths can be heard playing with the CO-2 fire extinguishers inside a school. You can hear the conversations and laughter between two individuals inside the facility and the words, "Fire! Fire!"

K-12 Schools

Retail Break-in Clothing Store

Listen to the sounds of an attempted break-in that took place at a retail store. The Sonitrol operator was able to verify this activity and notify the authorities which led to the arrest of some would-be burglars who were not able to gain entry into the facility thanks to the early detection and verified response made by Sonitrol and the quick action of the police who made the apprehension.


Auto Garage Break In - Glass

Sonitrol monitor received an audio verified break-in of broken glass from a shop window. The operator quickly informed the police dispatcher of the events unfolding inside the facility.

Car Dealerships