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The customer, a custom stereo dealer, had their front windows broken in a classic "smash-n-grab" style. Of the three burglars, one was watching out for police. Near the end of the audio, the "lookout" believes "it's not clear" and they leave.

The dispatch audio is the best. As you will hear (it's kind of quite) 911 asks if it's a silent alarm. She then asks to hear the break-in and says "Let's keep you on the line, it's better for us and the poor customer." The amazing part, at the end, the dispatcher says "Call us back if you have any more information, I think we have a vehicle". That is under 2.5 minutes!

Two of the perps were apprehended in their vehicle a short time after the dispatch. Later, the mother of the third called in to turn in her son. As we all know, with a smash-n-grabs it can be very hard to make an apprehension. Here's 3 more bad guys caught, in a smash-n-grab thanks to Sonitrol and quick police response!