INDIANAPOLIS, IN – March 22, 2018 – Sonitrol, a verified electronic security company, today announced that they have completed the latest version of the mySonitrol customer website, and it is scheduled to go live at the end of May. mySonitrol is the company’s security management tool for end users. Currently, the website is in beta testing with key Sonitrol end user customers. 3xLOGIC is a technology partner for STANLEY Security, Sonitrol’s parent company, and in this role 3xLOGIC is the primary innovator of a multitude of Sonitrol technologies.

As the security industry embraces new technologies, Sonitrol is committed to keeping pace with the demands of its customers and staying ahead of the competition in a market saturated with the “latest, greatest technology”. One of the biggest challenges to achieving these objectives is ensuring a superior customer experience, as well as fully understanding that customers need to access their web tools from any device—desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device. 

“We are pleased to release an updated version of mySonitrol to improve our customers’ experience” says Julie Beach, Vice President of Sonitrol & Dealer Sales. “mySonitrol allows users to manage their security anytime, anywhere, providing one-stop access to all of their vital security information.”

Responsive Design and Other Improvements

The new, fully-rewritten user interface was accomplished using responsive design, which changes the behavior of the site depending on the resolution of the device accessing the page. This responsive design gives users an experience consistent with modern web browsing standards and it scales dynamically from device to device. 

Another challenge overcome by the rewrite is the ability to carry out adoption of new features that require exposure in the new web UI that can then be leveraged across all the different Sonitrol platforms (cloud access, mySonitrol, etc.). Prior versions of mySonitrol were cumbersome and very inefficient anytime a change was needed to support a new feature. Another concept driving the rewrite is the adoption of the Views and Actions approach to the new interface. Previously, Actions were scattered around the UI and not consistent between features and functions.

More Key Features and Benefits

Home Page Quick Access Enhancements for recent events:

  • When an access control customer logs in they can now view recent access events such as entry granted, entry denied, door unlock, and free exit for any selected facility.
  • Customers leveraging Sonitrol Intrusion products can now view recent arming and disarming events directly from the homepage for a selected facility.
  • Prior to the update, users needed to run individual reports for arm/disarm events or access events by selecting the report type, setting parameters, and executing the report. This was quite time consuming.

SonaVision Integration:

  • Users can now easily link SonaVision™ video sources from a protected facility for the purposes of event-based review—through video playback. There is now quick link access for time-stamped events such as access control events, arming/disarming events, and dispatch incidents. End users can now select an event row that interests them on their access search such as an entry denial on a specific door, and then request SonaVision™ Playback video with just a few clicks.
  • mySonitrol’s new UI now lets customers interact with their SonaVision™ appliances for live view, custom playback searches, and to export video snapshots.
  • In addition to the improved user experience and the many benefits listed above, mySonitrol 3.0 reduces the complexity in using the site and makes the overall experience much more intuitive and efficient. The new UI is currently being tested by a number of Sonitrol’s top customers, and it will be available to the entire Sonitrol network by the end of May this year.

For more information on Sonitrol or mySonitrol, please call 1-888-SONITROL, or visit

About Sonitrol

Sonitrol is a unit of Stanley Black & Decker’s Security Division, with a network of 83 franchises and 43 corporate offices covering the United States and Canada. Sonitrol is the industry leader in verified electronic security and provides customers with a single source of integrated security solutions for intrusion, video, access and fire. Sonitrol’s ability to verify intrusion, through patented technologies, in real-time offers unrivaled credibility with law enforcement. Sonitrol provides for some of the fastest police response times, lowest false alarm rates and the best apprehension record in the security industry.