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mySonitrol Viewing Video

This module covers website integration of Video Appliances.

mySonitrol Access Control

This module covers Access Levels, Shifts, Periods, Holidays (SDR) and Door Unlock Schedules for Access Control Systems.

mySonitrol Users Video

This module covers Adding, Deleting and Editing Users.

mySonitrol Sign On & Account Info

This module covers website credentials, sign on and account information.

Apprehension - Sonitrol New England

Listen and watch how a Sonitrol Central Station Operator dispatches police after receiving an audio alarm inside a business. Officers and their K-9 are able to find the suspect and apprehend. This is a true example of the power of a Sonitrol verified alarm!


TotalGuard™ Video

TotalGuard is Sonitrol's all-in-one, small to medium business security solution. Watch this video to learn more.

Sonitrol Verified Video Alarms

98% of alarms are false. Thanks to Sonitrol's verified alarms and video surveillance our operators are able to visually verify that an actual alarm event is taking place. This causes our customers to receive prioritized response from police, increasing chances for an apprehension.

Financial Institutions

TotalGuard™ Apprehension at Auto Shop

Actual TotalGuard apprehension video from Sonitrol of Lexington at an auto body shop customer.

Car Dealerships

Sonitrol Is Protecting Our Schools

Sonitrol has provided comprehensive school security solutions for the educational community for more than 55 years.

K-12 Schools

2 Robbers Apprehended After Hiding in Ceiling

2 are in custody after Sonitrol and the Police work together to locate robbers in the dental office ceiling.


Badass Coffee Co Break-In Apprehension

Watch this news clip of a Sonitrol apprehension at a coffee shop.