SONITROL Nevada has always been committed to supporting our local community and standing alongside our local law enforcement agencies. Recently, SONITROL had the opportunity to express that commitment.

The year 2020 was a challenging time for so many people, but it was especially so for those serving as our first responders. Many communities were confronted with COVID-19 related business closures and were facing the uncertainty of when or if things might return to normal. During this time, law enforcement agencies saw an increase in house calls.

Upon recognizing the increased number of response calls that police were facing, and in seeing the need to equip officers to help children during a stressful time, SONITROL Nevada sprang into action.

SONITROL collected and donated a large number of new stuffed animals that the patrol officers could carry in their vehicles to help comfort the children. This picture was the first load of stuffed animals to go out on patrol to help serve the children of the Las Vegas community.

SONITROL is a proud partner of local law enforcement.