Front of Goodwill in Newark, New Jersey.

Last week Sonitrol was able to assist in the apprehension of a criminal who was breaking into a Goodwill in the Newark Shopping Center. Read about how our operator was able to help law enforcement make the arrest.

On Monday morning July 26th 2021 at 2:48 AM Sonitrol operator Allison Hattery received an audio alarm from the Audio sensor within the facility.  Allison spoke with Newark Police Dispatch center and informed him that she had live audio coming from Goodwill Industries in the Newark Shopping Center and could hear glass breaking and inaudible voices. As this was a verified alarm the station was able to quickly dispatch officers.

A little while later our operator could hear the sounds of Law Enforcement Officials inside, ordering the suspect to put their hands up. Allison followed up with Newark Dispatch later and found that the suspect had broken a window and door but was now being held in custody.

Thanks to Sonitrol operator Allison Hattery and the quick response from the Newark Police Department which made this apprehension possible. Though the suspect caused minor property damage, no theft was able to occur. Click to learn more about the Verified Audio Intrusion system used in this apprehension or how our warranty program protects businesses from any loss due to theft.