East Washington School Corporation Receives Donation for S.T.E.M/Robotics Program from Sonitrol Security of Louisville, November 15 – As a community, educating and protecting our children is top priority. Schools in the Kentucky and Indiana area continually focus on ways to improve both education and safety for our kids. The East Washington School Corporation recently added the latest in technology for security with both an access and IP camera system. They are now able to restrict access at any time for any door of their building and see what is going on at all times by viewing their cameras from their computer or from the Sonitrol app.

Monday, Sonitrol Security of Louisville visited East Washington School Corporation’s superintendent, Dennis Stockdale, and presented the school with a $5000 donation. “With customized security solutions from Sonitrol, schools can put the focus back where it belongs: on learning” states Sonitrol owner, Ken Krapf. “School leaders need to be able to immediately create safe spaces within the building and allow them to respond to safeguard students.”

 “We believe in supporting our local schools who educate the future leaders of our community every day” states Ken, “and Sonitrol is proud to partner with them in making education a priority.”

The Sonitrol Security of Louisville donation of $5000 will go to the Robotics Team at East Washington Middle School and the S.T.E.M. program at East Washington Elementary. “We are very happy with Sonitrol Security and what they have done for us and our team is excited to receive this donation”, said Dennis Stockdale, superintendent. “We look forward to working with Sonitrol in the future with more additions.”

The Sonitrol Security of Louisville “Gives Back” Program is a way for Sonitrol to recognize the community support that the schools give and allows Sonitrol a way to give back. Sonitrol serves many schools in the Kentuckiana area with the most recent in technology for Fire, Access, Security and Camera systems. Sonitrol proudly supports our local community of educators to work together to keep our kids safe. 

Sonitrol Security of Louisville is a Verified Alarm Security Company providing camera, fire, access and burglary systems for the Kentucky and Southern Indiana residents for over 50 years


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