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Affordable Dentures

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Case study

Learn how SONITROL protected a specialty dental office containing confidential medical and financial records, along with expensive medical equipment and drugs to treat the patients. Read the full story below or click the image to view the news video associated with this case study.


Affordable Dentures - Nashville, TN


Affordable Dentures specializes in dentures and dental implants whose office contains confidential medical and financial records of its patients, along with expensive medical equipment and drugs to treat the patients. Such a location makes this a prime target for burglars, which is exactly why Dr. Andrew Burton called SONITROL to protect his building. In the past year, the business had two break-ins and no apprehensions while being secured by a SONITROL competitor. Dr. Burton had enough so he called SONITROL to evaluate his business’s security needs.

The Challenge

How can SONITROL protect Affordable Dentures from future break-ins and apprehend the criminals who are responsible?

Strategy & Plan

In order to properly secure Affordable Dentures due to several recent break-in attempts, Jacob from SONITROL evaluated the building taking note of where the records, equipment, and drugs were located. SONITROL Audio Sensors and video cameras were then strategically installed throughout the building so if a break-in occurs, it will trigger a silent alarm to the Central Station where they will be able to hear and see inside the building and can verify to police that it is a crime in progress.

The Results

In October 2017, a third break-in occurred for the year but this time, SONITROL was protecting Affordable Dentures. The SONITROL Central Station received an alarm of audio and video detection and was able to verify to police that an actual break-in occurred in real time. Because it was a verified alarm, this led Police to arrive quickly and apprehend one of the criminals in the building. After watching back to the footage, they realized that there was one more criminal inside hiding in the ceiling. Minimal damage was done to the business but luckily, nothing was missing and illegal drugs were kept off the streets!

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