How SONITROL Restaurant Security Systems Help Your Business

Restaurants are high-traffic public areas during operating hours. That means they can be easy targets for criminals if you have have insufficient security. Your employees and your customers should feel safe coming to work or eating out, and you should feel that your business is always secure. Here are some restaurant safety tips and tools that can strengthen your restaurant’s security system. 

The Importance of Restaurant Safety 

Restaurant security isn’t famous for being the most thorough. Owners often overlook security and prioritize other issues instead. There are many items inside a restaurant that thieves can steal, such as food products or dining supplies. However, due to the size and business of the restaurant, people may not realize things are missing until too late. And if you’re a business owner or manager of a restaurant franchise or have several locations, keeping track of all the details can be challenging.

Our solutions not only help with physical safety but also help owners and managers keep an eye on the business’ comings and goings. Our intrusion and video surveillance solutions can help track any stolen items. If your restaurant is safe, it will attract more employees and more customers. In a world where workers are leaving the restaurant industry for supposedly better options, having a secure working environment is a positive feature. 

If employees know they will be safe on the job, they’ll be more willing to work for you. And if customers feel comfortable and safe in your establishment, more will show up. Protecting the health of both your employees and your customers is the same as protecting your business and its future.

Restaurant Safety Affects the Profitability of Your Business. 

Most external robberies are quiet, and internal ones are even more sly. Without the proper measures, you could be losing money, alcohol, and kitchen goods without even knowing it.

Finally, strong restaurant security will benefit your insurance claims if anything happens. If you have solid proof from security cameras or other evidence, regaining lost assets will be that much easier. The sooner you get your lost cash back, the more you can keep your business financially sound.

Here are a few other non-tech-related ideas to keep your business safe:

  • Always shut and lock the door behind you

  • Never count cash in front of guests

  • Don’t leave large sums of cash in the restaurant overnight

  • Get Access Control Solutions to help with physically securing and unlocking doors. This tech can also keep track of who has access to your facility, as well as who is entering or exiting your space and when

  • Keep the storage and office areas locked at all times

  • Make sure entrances are locked and alarmed when you’re not using them

  • Use a buddy system for opening and closing the restaurant

  • Require and enhance safety and security training during your new staff orientation

Benefits of a Restaurant Security System

Vendor Deliveries & Access Control

Adding access control to your restaurant can help eliminate false alarms caused by delivery personnel. Access control technology can also help identify each delivery person and keep track of supply deliveries. This will provide each vendor with unique access credentials to track deliveries. But it will also hold them accountable.

Manage Multiple Sites

For franchise restaurant owners or managers of multiple locations, we offer our mySonitrol online management portal and SONITROL Mobile App. With these web-based solutions, you have the ability to make changes to your system anywhere or anytime. And, you can manage all your video surveillance feeds in one place. It allows you to add and delete users, run reports on the systems, and more. You can also add all-in-one cameras to add an extra level of protection and visibility to your business. 

Cooler Temp Monitoring

If you’re worried about your cooler or freezer temperatures, try adding temperature sensors. You will have peace of mind knowing we have you covered with 24/7 monitoring and can alert you anytime there is an equipment failure. 

Fire Detection & Maintenance

Having multiple companies to deal with when it comes to fire detection can be costly and frustrating. SONITROL gives you an all-in-one fire detection service. We offer installation, service, monitoring, and annual inspections.

Our best restaurant fire safety tip is to install a 24/7 monitored video surveillance system. This system can possibly stop the action before it gets worse with our early-detection system that picks up smoke and heat. The system will alert the fire department and get them to your building as soon as possible. We can also see who or what was involved when you combine it with our video surveillance and intrusion solutions

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By protecting your restaurant workers and their safety, you’re also protecting your business and your profits. SONITROL has the state-of-the-art technology you need to create an integrated system that will protect your business from threats, whether you manage one restaurant or many. We have experience serving thousands of businesses and commercial offices across the nation, and you can be next. Get in touch with us today for your free assessment on how SONITROL can make your restaurant even safer.