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TotalGuard™ CrossFit Fishers Case Study

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Case study

As a small business, CrossFit Fishers couldn't afford a big expensive security system. Learn about how SONITROL was able to meet the customer's needs of affordability and very little downtime by installing a TotalGaurd system. This allows CrossFit Fishers to focus all their efforts on what matters most; serving their customers.

TotalGuard System placed above an exit sign


CrossFit Fishers - Fishers, IN


Pam Torrence and her husband have owned CrossFit Fishers for about nine years. They service a clientele of up to 130 workout enthusiasts. The facility has a normal size office and a front entrance with full glass windows. The gym part of the building is large, with 26-foot high cement walls in what resembles a warehouse space. Total building size comes to about 7,200 sq. ft.


Recently, a number of nearby businesses had been broken into, and while front doors are not being monitored, intruders were going through customer’s personal effects and stealing items. “We wanted to provide protection for our office space and for our customers’ belongings and safety, but I was reluctant to purchase a security system given how large our facility is. Being a small business owner, I just didn’t think we could afford it, and I really couldn’t handle the downtime for a long installation and training period,” said Torrence.

The Solution

SONITROL recommended installing TotalGuard™, to provide full intrusion and video coverage of the gym’s space. These all-in-one IOT security devices were the perfect solution needed to provide the intrusion and video coverage that was needed. Other potential systems required multiple panels and a video server. With the TotalGuard™ solution, it was all-in-one, everything within the device, and with no big upfront costs.

“With SONITROL monitoring my business 24/7, I can sleep at night knowing that what I’ve worked so hard for all these years is well protected.”


The TotalGuard™ solution consists of one or multiple SONITROL Multi-Sensors that act as a standalone IoT panel. The Multi-Sensor is a cube-style, 2MP camera that goes far beyond being an IP video camera. In this case, this TotalGuard™ solution consists of 3 Multi-Sensors that also monitor perimeter doors via wireless door contacts. TotalGuard™, in addition to providing impact-activated audio intrusion and motion detection, also provides for the recording of video to the onboard SD card, with full search capabilities and playback in the SONITROL Mobile App. A true all-in-one product, TotalGuard™ is a feature-rich solution that uses multiple technologies to deliver unmatched facility protection with built-in impact-activated audio, video verification, recording, PIR, and glass break detection, all controlled via the SONITROL Mobile App, and backed by a $15,000 Performance Warranty when the business is fully protected.


  • The entire system was installed and up and running in less than four hours—little costly downtime for a busy gym.
  • Pam Torrence needed only five minutes to navigate the SONITROL Mobile App she uses to manage the system and view cameras from anywhere.
  • TotalGuard™ provides CrossFit Fishers with complete volumetric coverage and total video and audio intrusion coverage.

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