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SONITROL Secures Four Fowling Warehouse Locations

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Fowling Warehouse is a multi-location sports bar, restaurant, and gaming facility that combines football and bowling into a hybrid game you can play with others. Players knock down pins by throwing, lobbing, and even rolling a football down the lane while eating and enjoying their favorite beverages.

SONITROL was the chosen security provider after the previous company did not provide the best service.


Fowling Warehouse facilities are large warehouse settings, posing safety and security challenges with a lot of area to cover. Fowling needed a security provider that could comprehensively secure their location from after hour intruders, on-site incidents, employee/ non-employee access to doors and entrances, and other security factors.

Traditional security systems are limited by the size and layout of a warehouse or distribution center. Even with multiple motion sensors to protect each door or area, vulnerabilities still exist in the ceilings and walls, increasingly popular entry points for would-be intruders.


To best secure Fowling Warehouse facilities, they are utilizing SONITROL’s verified audio intrusion detection, managed access control, and video surveillance. SONITROL’s unique impact-activated audio verification and detection technology offers full-volumetric intrusion and alarm coverage. Unlike traditional alarm systems, SONITROL Audio Sensors can cover up to 5,000 square feet of open space – offering floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage – ideal for warehouse centers.

Combined with integrated access control to doors and areas that were wanted to restrict access to, along with video cameras for video surveillance and play-back features, Fowling is given the full protection they deserve at all facilities.


“Thank you SONITROL for quickly taking over as our security provider at Fowling Warehouse. We were super impressed by the technology and look forward to partnering on several other of our Fowling Warehouse locations.”

Brad Chapman, CEO Fowling Warehouse

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