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Bayou Pawn

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Case study

In this case study learn how SONITROL was able to do their part to prevent guns on the street by securing Bayou Pawn and Jewelry a major target in this type of crime. 

This installation resulted in apprehension before the criminal could even gain access to the building. 

THE CUSTOMER: Bayou Pawn - Hammond, LA


Bayou Pawn and Jewelry opened in 1988 and has used SONITROL as its security provider ever since. Bayou Pawn has 4 locations and has had several break-in attempts. Using a security system like SONITROL is important to them because it is a verified security alarm which means faster Police response and criminal apprehension. Pawn Shops are major targets for criminals considering the high-value items, like guns. Having stolen guns on the streets is a major problem in our society today so it’s important to prevent this at all costs.


What does safety and security mean to Bayou Pawn & Jewelry and their employees? What were they looking to achieve with SONITROL as their security vendor?


In order to become a more secure, safe business due to several recent break-in attempts, Bayou Pawn & Jewelry connected with their SONITROL Sales Representative on upgrading their security plan.


SONITROL suggested to Bayou Pawn & Jewelry that their current plan of verified audio intrusion should be upgraded to audio & video intrusion verification. SONITROL then installed a video camera so the SONITROL Central Station could hear and see an intrusion take place to describe to the Police and owner. Adding a video feed will allow the Police to use it to potentially identify a perpetrator.


A criminal apprehension. On July 30th, the sound of a glass break triggered the audio alarm and the SONITROL Central Station could then confirm with live video footage that people were onsite attempting to break in. The Central Station operator notified police and the owner where the break-in was occurring at the building and what the suspects looked like. The Police then used the footage to later apprehend a criminal that day. The best part is. the criminals never made it inside which means no stolen guns out on the street or major property damage.

sideways video camera