K-9 Radd Donation

SONITROL of SW Ohio continues to make a positive impact with their recent K-9 donation – a testament to their commitment to local safety. This heartfelt gesture, in partnership with the Matt Haverkamp Foundation, highlights their dedication to fostering a safer community. SONITROL was founded in 1960 by Al Kronk, a former police officer, and our partnership with local law enforcement is still at the forefront of our values.

This is SONITROL of SW Ohio's 2nd donation to the Butler County Sheriff's Department and their 6th total. We thank them for their continued dedication to giving back to local law enforcement. K-9 Radd and his handler Deputy Davenport are already at work keeping our community safe.

Chip Shiver former President and Owner of SONITROL of SW Ohio had this to say "We support our community by supporting the men and women who protect it." We couldn't put this better ourselves and are so grateful for the people who keep us safe every day.

Thanks again and congratulations to SONITROL of SW Ohio and Butler County Sheriff's Department.