Gunshot Detection Solution 

Accurately detect gunshots so you and your team are better prepared to act quickly and effectively in an active shooter situation. 


The Challenge 

In any business, the safety of your people is the top priority. But unfortunately, unpredictable active shooter situations happen all too often, and it’s essential to have safety measures in place to ensure that you and your team can respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. 

Utilizing innovative, reliable, and verified safety and security technology from SONITROL, our gunshot detection system can ensure faster police response times and fewer false-positive alarms.

Gunshot Detection System

Our award-winning Gunshot Detection Solution can easily integrate into your existing SONITROL security system to accurately detect gunshots. 

Innovative Concussive Force Technology 

Concussive force recognition technology employs sensors designed to pick up shockwaves created by a firearm, reducing the chances of false positives.

Simple, Comprehensive, and Affordable 

The self-contained device allows you to easily integrate into your existing SONITROL security system. No need for software, servers, or relay board. 

Utilizes a range of 75ft. radius with 360-degree coverage, minimizing the number of sensors needed allowing you to be affordably covered. 




24/7 Verified Monitoring by Central Station 

Our highly-trained and professional monitoring personnel monitor the device, who quickly assess every alarm, alert the appropriate authorities, and provide ongoing real-time information to law enforcement and emergency personnel on the scene. SONITROL’s Monitoring Center gives you peace of mind, knowing that our team of professionals is on the job protecting your facility at all times. 


Why Choose our Gunshot Detection Solution? 

Increased Accuracy 

Easily Integrates with Existing SONITROL System 

Self Contained Comprehensive Coverage 

Includes 24/7 Professional Monitoring 

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