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Case Study - Mall of GA Car Dealership

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Case study

Learn how SONITROL was able to use thermal cameras to secure the large, low light dealership lot at the Mall of Georgia Chrysler Dodge Jeep. The customer also loved that the system was integrated to be remotely viewed, armed, or disarmed.

Mall of Georgia car dealership.

The Customer

Mall of Georgia Chrysler Dodge Jeep - Buford, GA


Mall of Georgia is a car dealership located in Buford, Georgia that includes a front and back office, body shop building in the rear, and an accessory shop. Crime had been on the rise in the area and they were experiencing thefts on the lot and an armed robbery inside the dealership. Their traditional system failed to detect the intruder and had heard about Sonitrol through another family member’s auto body shop business.


As many car dealerships face, theft on car lots are frequent due to the size of the area and high-valued items. Sonitrol was challenged to secure the full lot, dealership office, body shop and accessory shop. Mall of Georgia wanted a new security system that would detect unwanted guests on the lot after closing as well as an intrusion system to detect intruders that reach the interior of the building.

“The customers use the Sonitrol mobile app to arm and disarm the system and to view the cameras remotely. They love this feature!”


To fully secure the dealership’s lot and inside the dealership, Sonitrol proposed a fully integrated solution using audio and video intrusion, indoor and outdoor SonaVision™ for video verification, and thermal and IP video solutions.

Security Parts Used:

  • 2 FlexIP Panels
  • Several Audio Sensors
  • Keypad at each building

Video Parts Used:

  • 3xLogic NVR
  • 3xLogic 4MP Cameras with remote focus
    3xLogic Thermal Imagers
  • Sonavision™ Outdoor video verification

“The issues of theft and robbery seemed to stop since we installed this system,” says Daniel Stevens, Sonitrol Security Consultant. “We have had two dispatches where law enforcement questioned individuals that entered the lot after closing that led to arrests for unrelated charges. The customers use the Sonitrol Mobile App to arm and disarm the system and to view the cameras remotely. They love this feature!”


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