John Deere Video Verification Case Study

John Deere Video Verification Case Study

Learn how SONITROL was able to secure more than 100,000 sq. feet of property with video surveillance and nearly 14,000 with impact-activated audio detection. Though this consisted of more than 100 cameras this entire system was integrated to be armed with just one keypad for unmatched simplicity.


THE CUSTOMER: John Deere - Paducah, KY

BACKGROUND: Hutson Inc. is a John Deere dealership with 13 locations throughout IN, KY, IL & TN. The initial site Hutson focused on in Paducah, KY, has a display lot of over 88,000 square feet and a building with more than 14,000 square feet—there was a lot of territory to protect.

CHALLENGE: At the Paducah location, Hutson decision-makers wanted to protect their building inside and out, during business hours and after hours. Also, covering a large outdoor area can be especially challenging from a security standpoint. | Hutson’s management understood that some customers want to be able to walk the lot and view the tractors and other equipment after hours without being approached by a salesperson, but they needed to ensure that those assets would be protected.

SOLUTION: SONITROL of Evansville was able to secure the interior of the buildings with impact-activated audio detection technology along with a video surveillance system. SONITROL Security Consultant, Andrew Beitler, designed an integrated verified security system consisting of outdoor protection; intrusion alarm system; and a verified CCTV solution that would work by arming just one keypad, which in turn arms the three integrated systems.


  • In addition to the Pudacah, KY site, SONITROL installed cameras at the other 12 locations, inside and outdoors, for a total of more than 100 cameras spread throughout. 
  • Video verification alarms are triggered in two ways: yard cord looped through display equipment or motion detection located at fence perimeters. When a connection is broken by attempting to move the equipment, an alarm is triggered signaling the SONITROL monitoring station. 
  • "A huge advantage of video verification and SONITROL's live monitoring is cutting down on false alarms;' says Jim Gilliam, Hutson's Safety and Compliance Manager. This is critical to freeing up law enforcement to focus on real bad guys, instead of wasting time chasing alarms caused by the wind, animals, or other false triggers.
  • With verified video, SONITROL operators can see in real-time if equipment is being moved when it should not be.
  • The system is also app capable. With the SONITROL app, the system can be armed remotely, the cameras can be viewed, and users can be added from any smartphone or tablet.


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Consider the Facts

Over 98% of alarm activations are false alarms. And with each alarm call costing taxpayers in police time and resources, more and more communities are looking for ways to respond to alarms more effectively. Many communities now require verified response—confirmation by an alarm company or an eye witness that an actual intrusion is in progress—before dispatching police.


The average police response time for non-verified alarm activation now exceeds 45 minutes in many communities. The longer the response time, the lower the chances of police stopping an intrusion in progress and apprehending the criminals.


Increasingly sophisticated crimes, including internal theft and fraud, and crimes accompanied by other disasters such as fire or explosions, overtax traditional alarm systems.

Cutting-Edge Security

Cutting-Edge Security

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Single source integrated security solutions for intrusion, video, access and fire. As more cities and municipalities require verification before dispatching police to an alarm, our ability to verify intrusion—through patented technology, in real-time—offers unrivaled credibility with law enforcement and security for our customers.