Take access control into your own hands

If you want to manage access control yourself, Sonitrol eAccess security management software puts the power in your hands.

Sonitrol eAccess powered by Linear provides embedded, browser-based security for organizations of all sizes and gives you anytime/anywhere access to your security system from any computer with an internet connection. You don't need to buy a PC or server, purchase software or client server licenses, or pay web-hosting subscription costs. And it works with your existing network, ID cards and readers.

Sonitrol eAccess seamless integrates security technologies:

  • Access control
  • Video/DVR
  • Alarm inputs
  • Elevator control
  • Video badging
  • Temperature monitoring

Capabilities include ID badging and integration with your visitor management system, real-time monitoring via an interactive floor plan, and live video monitoring with DVR features. Simplify security with one-click system-wide changes, too. For example, if you need to close the building for a snow-day, simply set the predefined alert system online The system can automatically turn on the alarm system, deny door access to general personnel, link to the HVAC system to lower the heat—and even send e-mail or text messages to notify personnel of the closure.

Your IT department will love it

Sonitrol eAccess uses familiar Microsoft SQL Server technology and relies on secure connections using SSL data authentication and encryption. It is built on the Linux operating system, so it is less susceptible to viruses or system corruption. Its embedded technology is easily upgraded.