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Apprehension Story of the Week

On Sunday at 1:31p.m., Sonitrol of Delaware's operator-on-duty received a verified audio impact-activated alarm from Battery Warehouse, a retail store that sells a large assortment of batteries on 324 Martin Street in Dover, Delaware. The operator immediately notified the police dispatcher and confirmed hearing banging noises followed by what sounded like a pipe being dropped.

As the customer contact was notified to meet the Dover City Police at the business, the responding officers discovered a broken window and the perpetrator still residing inside the business. The intruder, realizing that the police was present, attempted to flee with his pockets full of batteries! However, the individual was apprehended soon after a short chase.

The local media reported that the police arrested Jovan Blango, 14, of Kent Avenue and charged him with third-degree burglary, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. Officers decided that the juvenile would best learn his lesson by releasing him to his parents.

Thanks to the partnership and quick response between Sonitrol and the Dover City Police who made this first audio verified apprehension possible for Sonitrol of Delaware! Another interesting note is that this customer had a series of break-ins over the last six months prior to having a Sonitrol system installed to take care of his ongoing problem. The customer never experienced an apprehension until now! As Sonitrol of Delaware's Joe Allen puts it, "This is one Energizer Bunny that will NOT keep GOING--GOING--GOING!"

Here is a letter from the customer:

Dear Sonitrol Security Systems:

On Sunday, May 30, 2004, my place of business, Battery Warehouse of Dover was broken into. The operator-on-duty, operator #131, did a fantastic job of recognizing the situation and notifying the local Police Department. The Police response time was within two (2) minutes and the perpetrator was in custody within the next few minutes. The fast response time by the Police Department, I believe, was due in part to the reputation of Sonitrol Security.

This was the fifth time my business has been broken into, but was only the first attempt since the installation of the Sonitrol System. The system has now proven, in my eyes, to be one of the best in the business. The Dover Police Department has seen its usefulness and reliability and has now been able to capture a person they have been looking for, who is suspected in past break-ins at other locations.

Once again, many warm-hearted thanks to Sonitrol Security Systems, and especially to Operator #131 for a job well done.


Lenny Jackson, Own

About Sonitrol:
Sonitrol Corporation is the leading provider of Verified Response security solutions for businesses and schools in North America. Founded by a policeman, the company's technology was created to reduce false alarms and increase apprehensions. Sonitrol's proprietary audio verification capability has assisted local law enforcement in the apprehension of more than 155,000 suspects since 1977. Its integrated suite of offerings includes audio intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and fire detection. For more information on Sonitrol and its integrated security solutions, please visit the company's website at

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