Sonitrol Franchises Honored With Numerous Security Industry Awards

12 Sonitrol Dealerships Named Among Country’s Top 100 Security Companies


NAPERVILLE, IL –July 11, 2013 – Sonitrol franchises across North America have received wide-spread acclaim from the electronic security industry in the first two quarters of 2013. Sonitrol, an industry leader in customized, state-of-the-art security solutions for businesses, is proud to have numerous franchises honored with recognition from SDM Magazine’s annual SDM 100 rankings, Security Systems News’ national “20 Under 40” honorees and Security Sales & Integration Magazine’s annual SAMMY Awards.

Sonitrol, the leader in verified electronic security, has 85 regional franchises which provide businesses throughout the United States and Canada with streamlined, state-of-the-art security solutions for intrusion, video and verified audio detection, access control and fire.


Twelve Sonitrol Franchises ranked in SDM 100

Now in its 23rd year of publication, the SDM 100 — a ranking based on recurring monthly revenue (RMR) of the largest security dealer companies in the country— included 12 different Sonitrol operations in their rankings of the top 100 electronic security companies in the United States.

The Sonitrol franchises included in the annual SDM 100 rankings are: Sonitrol of New England, Sonitrol of Fresno (Kimberlite Corp), Sonitrol Pacific, Sonitrol of Sacramento/Orange County, Sonitrol of Buffalo/Toronto, Sonitrol of Tallahassee, Sonitrol Tri-County, Sonitrol Southwest Ohio, Sonitrol of Lexington (Bates Security LLC) , Sonitrol Security Services Inc. (Charlotte, NC) and Sonitrol of Indianapolis, as well as Interface Security Systems Holdings Inc. (with Sonitrol Franchises in Little Rock, Shreveport, Tyler/Longview and Lake Charles).

The annual list, which exhibits the level of necessity that security services have achieved in America’s homes and businesses, showcased a particular trend in 2013, according to SDM.

“Many security providers seemed to have harnessed lightning last year… [A] metamorphosis of the security industry into a services-based business capable of serving many sectors has taken hold, evidenced by the largest security providers — the 2013 SDM 100,” the editorial staff published on their website with the list of honorees announced in its June issue. Specializing in customized and verified security systems, and evidenced by the inclusion of 12 franchises this year, Sonitrol has long been ahead of the industry’s curve.


Security Systems News’ “20 Under 40” Honorees: Bryan Bates and Joey Rao-Russell

In addition to the inclusion of Sonitrol of Lexington and Kimberlite Corp. in the SDM 100 rankings, executives at these individual franchises were honored by Security Systems News’ annual “20 Under 40” list. Annually, this magazine recognizes young, talented individuals who are making an impact in the electronic security industry and display excellent leadership qualities, technical know-how, a keen business sense and a commitment to keeping people safe.

Bryan Bates, 37, Sales Manager and co-owner of Sonitrol of Lexington/Bates Security LLC, and Kimberlite’s President and CEO, Joey Rao-Russell, 38, were named to “20 Under 40” list of the top young professionals in the electronic security industry.

Shortly after joining the Sonitrol franchise in 2002, Rao-Russell swiftly rose up Kimberlite’s ladder. After playing an instrumental part in leading and executing an award-winning turnaround in the South Valley and Los Angeles market sector of Kimberlite’s security business, Rao-Russell was promoted to COO in early 2012, and became President and CEO in December 2012. Kimberlite’s central monitoring station in Fresno, under Rao-Russell’s leadership, assisted police in 1,035 apprehensions in 2012, the highest total of any central monitoring station in the world. She is a 15-year veteran of the security industry and holds a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology with Cum Laude honors from California State University Stanislaus.

Bates, who has worked in the family business since the age of 15, assisting field technicians during his summers, began full-time for Sonitrol of Lexington straight out of college and has been instrumental to their success for the last 14 years. Under his leadership, the company has grown vastly in the past several years, including six consecutive years on the SDM 100, and secured the franchise’s spot as the Top Sales Producer in the Sonitrol Network two years in a row.


Security Management & Integrations’ SAMMY Awards

In addition to being honored by the SDM 100 and SSN “20 Under 40,” Bates Security LLC received recognition by Security Sales & Integration Magazine’s SAMMY Awards. This year, Bates Security/Sonitrol of Lexington, who won the SAMMY for Installer of the Year in 2012, won for Best Company Logo and Best Vehicle Graphic Design. Their logo’s bright-yellow, octagonal design (reminiscent of a neon stop-sign) is clean, simple and effective, and, since being included on their vehicle wrap has, the company has experienced a 1,100% increase in customer leads.