Sonitrol Announces 157,000th Apprehension

One Apprehension Made Every 90 Minutes

April 10, 2007 – Sonitrol today announced its 157,000th apprehension, a statistic unrivaled in the security industry. Sonitrol was founded nearly 50 years ago but has only been tracking apprehensions since 1977. On average, Sonitrol's verified audio and video solutions help police apprehend a suspect every 90 minutes, and one out of every five is arrested before they can gain entry to the facility.

"As a security provider, our number one priority is protecting our customers' assets and we've never lost sight of that," said Sonitrol President Alex Gellman. "Audio and video verification takes the guess work out of security. That's why police departments give Sonitrol alarms top priority, with an average response time of just 7 minutes."

Sonitrol's ability to verify alarm activations – either through our impact activated audio technology or our monitored video solutions – means we can determine whether a break-in is in progress, or whether a false alarm has occurred. When a Sonitrol alarm is triggered, it immediately relays real-time audio or video to our monitoring center, enabling our trained operators to actually listen-in or watch the site to verify the nature of the event. Once the operator makes a determination, Sonitrol immediately calls the proper authorities to request dispatch on a verified burglary in progress, or resets the system without having to burden the police or the business owner in the event of a false alarm.

"Sonitrol has the highest rate of apprehensions and lowest rate of false dispatches in the industry," continued Gellman. "When we do our job right, we allow the police to do what they do best, which is to protect and serve the public. Sonitrol would like to thank all the officers who have made this achievement possible."

157,000th Apprehension

Sonitrol's 157,000th apprehension occurred in Albuquerque, NM at the Driver's Den, a car stereo and electronics store. Sonitrol's operators heard noises at the back door of the facility and immediately requested police dispatch. When police arrived on the scene, the suspects scattered but were not able to get far. One hid in the ceiling, another ran into a restaurant across the street and two others were found nearby. In all, four were captured, all with extensive criminal records.