Sonitrol secures Baton Rouge, LA car dealerships, resulting in successful apprehension of suspect

January 5, 2017
Author: Julie Beach - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol Brand
Recently, East Baton Rouge, LA Police apprehended a suspect after an attempted robbery of a car dealership.  At 8:06pm, the Sonitrol operator received an audio activated alarm and could hear voices and movement coming from the office area of a car dealership.  Following the action plan, the operator dispatched police where they found two suspects trying to flee out of a broken window.  One was successfully apprehended at 8:38pm and the other was being pursued.   
Sonitrol keeps dealerships of all types running smoothly, including car, motorcycle, boat, and RV dealerships, protecting against security risks unique to their environment.  Glass-enclosed show rooms, exterior lots and service centers are all full of valuable items such as merchandise and parts susceptible to theft and vandalism. Criminals today are smarter. They know how to circumvent traditional motion-based security systems by breaking-in through unconventional entry points. That’s precisely why dealerships turn to Sonitrol.
Pictured: Glass-enclosed show rooms can be more susceptible to theft and vandalism
Pictured: Sonitrol has solutions to protect dealerships with their unique security concerns 


Author: Julie Beach - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol Brand