Sonitrol and Police prevent illegal guns from hitting the streets of Mobile, AL using verified alarm technology

December 8, 2016

Author: Julie Beach – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol Brand

Sonitrol helps law enforcement apprehend a criminal about every 111 minutes. These apprehensions come in the form of thieves and vandals breaking into businesses and schools overnight, to more serious crimes that have lasting effects after the initial crime has taken place. An example of such case recently occurred in Mobile, Alabama. On a Sunday morning, at 2:43 a.m., a Sonitrol operator heard hostile audio of banging and movement coming from a gun and pawn shop. Within three minutes, police were dispatched and 34 minutes later, police had the suspect in custody, possibly preventing dozens of illegal guns from hitting the streets and threatening public safety. The fast action of the Sonitrol operator, combined with live audio, allowed police to know that an actual crime was taking place and prepared them for what they would encounter when they arrived on the scene. Police know when they respond to a Sonitrol alarm, they are likely going to catch a criminal, which has lead to a trusted relationship, faster police response times, and additional officer safety when responding to crimes. Sonitrol is always on the job securing the world we live in, one apprehension at a time.

Pictured: Sonitrol protects gun and pawn shops, helping to keep illegal wepons off the streets.


Pictured: Sonitrol and Police working together using the power of verified alarms.

Pictured: Sonitrol and Police have apprehended more than 175,000 documented criminals since 1977.


Author: Julie Beach - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol