Police make apprehension within minutes of being dispatch to a Lakeland, FL manufacturing facility thanks to Sonitrol’s audio verified alarms

January 26, 2017
Author: Julie Beach - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol 
In late November, at 4:04am, a Sonitrol operator dispatched the Lakeland Police Department to a manufacturing facility.  The operator informed Police that she had received an audio alarm and could hear heard what she described as hostile and threatening sounds of glass breaking and movement from the lobby audio sensor.  Because the operator was able to verify to Police that an actual event was taking place, not a false alarm, they acted quickly and responded to the location.  At 4:22am, police confirmed to the operator that they had apprehended the suspect.
Since 1964, Sonitrol has been the industry leader in verified electronic security, providing customers with a single source of integrated security solutions for intrusion, video, access and fire. Sonitrol was founded by Anderson, Indiana Police Officer, Al Cronk, who’s goal was to help law enforcement safely apprehend criminals.  Sonitrol’s unique audio verified alarm detection methods provide the tools needed to accurately detect true alarm events, versus false alarms, and notify the law enforcement appropriately.  This unique technology has helped law enforcement apprehend more than 175,000 documented criminals, more than any other security system in the market. The Sonitrol network consists of 83 franchises and 43 corporate offices covering the United States and Canada and has the fastest police response times, low false alarm rates and the best apprehension record in the security industry.
Pictured: Average Police response time for different alarm types
Pictured: Sonitrol verified alarms are proven and trusted by Police
Pictured: Sonitrol secures manufacturing locations across North America


Author: Julie Beach - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonitrol