Emergency Notification

Send Word Now

Send Word Now's Emergency Notification Service from Sonitrol allows schools to communicate immediately with hundreds or thousands of people using any device, any modality, at anytime, from anywhere. Text and voice messages are simultaneously delivered to multiple contact points for each individual contacted.

SWN alerts reach users immediately and provide the ability to receive real-time responses from those recipients. The 2-way communication on all modalities tracks outgoing messages and incoming responses, maintaining an audit trail of all alerts sent and of the responses. Features include:

  • MULTI-MODAL Reaches anyone, anywhere, anytime, with any device over any type of connection via voice and text simultaneously: Wired and wireless phones, email, pagers, SMS, MMS, VoIP, satellite phones, plus a dedicated client for Palm and BlackBerry operating systems
  • TWO-WAY, URGENT COMMUNICATION The only on-demand alerting and response service that enables interactive response to all alerts, using any device
  • CONFERENCE BRIDGING Initiates a conference bridge as well as "push" conference calls out to recipient
  • EASY INTEGRATION Designed to complement current business operations and integrates alerts with enterprise applications like scheduling applications and business continuity planning software
  • ALERT TRACER™ Detailed alert delivery status reporting, allowing for deeper level of reporting around the delivery status of alerts across all recipients and contact types
  • EASE OF USE Web-based dashboard designed for non-technical users, allowing anyone to act quickly in any situation without prior training
  • SMS & BLACKBERRY PIN-to-PIN MESSAGING Leverages premium SMS protocols to ensure messages receive the highest delivery priority across every wireless carrier. In addition, SWN Alert Service is the only provider that truly supports the delivery of multiple BlackBerry PIN messages across all major wireless carriers
  • RELIABILITY & SECURITY Redundant systems based in multiple secure locations and 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption ensures critical information is delivered reliably, safely and securely

For more information, please visit www.sendwordnow.com